#1 Product of the Day
July 01, 2017

Can't you pick the best photo for Instagram?

Let Lisa's brilliant algorithm choose the best one!

#1 Product of the Day
July 01, 2017

Meet your new
best friend on Instagram

Thousands of people from more than 140 countries use Lisa before posting on Instagram.

It's enough to tap photos you're finding hard to post. You can select 2 to 5 photos at every turn. It's super simple!
Hit the button! Let Lisa analyze each and every tiny details in your photos by using its brilliant algorithms.
Lisa has selected the winner! Now it's time to see your likes stack up.

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Our users asked Lisa's opinion for more than 300000 photos up to today.


Shared more than 120000 Instagram posts with Lisa's decision until today.


Lisa helps Instagrammers every day from all over the world.

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